Thursday, February 21, 2013

Favorite Tree Challenge

We had three months to work on this challenge - Favorite Tree - chosen by Lettie Blackburn. People either found it very challenging or really liked the subject because of the  11 people participating 15 works were created.

 How To Choose From Riches Such As These
Lettie Blackburn

 The Last Stand...Remembering
Lettie Blackburn
Lettie says this is a dead pine tree whose design fascinates her and this is the third time she has used it in her artwork.

 Georgia Street Gingko Tree-October 16th
Carol Bormann
This interpretation of the gingko tree was inspired by a photo Carol took a few years ago. The viewpoint is from under the spreading limbs looking up toward the sky. The canopy of the tree was covered with yellow leaves. The piece was created using applique and machine embroidery.

 Georgia Street Gingko Tree-October 17th
Carol Bormann
This piece abstractly illustrates the yellow leaves that all fell in one day. The black trunk and branches of the bare tree contrast with the circle of fallen leaves. Machine embroidery gives pattern and dimension to the mat they formed. The tree silhouette was fused on top of the leaves.

Dianna Callahan
A drawing on fabric.

 Tree in Ozark Sunset
Dianna Callahan

Cathy Jeffery

Tree in Sunlight
Donna Olson
 Owl In a Pine Tree
Roberta Ranney

 Boo Hoo Wahoo
Emmie Seaman
A Wahoo tree is a small native tree usually found in the wild in damp areas. It has beautiful color in the fall and red berries in the winter which the birds love. Emmie's beautiful Wahoo in her back yard was destroyed in the ice storm of 2009 and only a bare trunk was left. The tree trunk is cut free form and fused to the hand dyed background. Embellished with machine embroidery.

Wahoo Tree (back)
Emmie Seaman
This was a first attempt but the above was preferred so this was used for the back of the of the quilt.  It is a photo image of the tree in fall foliage with berries printed onto canvas. A  photo image of the dead tree is fused onto that.  

Lucy Silliman

Diane Steffen

 Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
Vivian Terbeek

Non-Deciduous Palm
Merrilee Tieche
Merrilee misses the warm coast.