Friday, October 24, 2014


Each year, in the early fall, we meet someplace for a retreat for three days and two nights. Last year we went to Bennet Springs State Park and liked it so well that we returned for this year's retreat. We always try to plan a little something special like learn a new technique, share favorite tips, sing along with our two banjo players, or whatever. This year we did some Eco Dyeing using India Flint's book Eco Clour. Below are most of the samples people did using leave, flowers, vegetables, sticks, you name it. We were very pleased with ourselves when we shared the results at our latest meeting.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Our annual retreat was at Bennet Springs State Park, Missouri this week for three days and two nights. It was glorious weather so that we could spend our time outside. This year's focus was on Eco-Dyeing via India Flint's book by the same title.
Participants working over their found plants and silk.
Red leaves and bark
Chrysanthemum, avocado skin and various leaves
An iron pot and a copper pot hold boiling water with our silk and foliage wrapped around sticks.
 Sitting beside the Niangua River which flows out of the spring.  Soooo peaceful.
We couldn't have had better weather, food, or fellowship. The results will be revealed at our next meeting.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


It's been a nice summer weather wise so maybe that has inspired folks to be creative.
Roberta Ranney has a new/first grandchild on the way so she is busy making baby quilts. Here is her first one. Such fun.
Donna Olson created a quilt for her son entitled "Paper Weights. It's Hugh and gorgeous!

Merrilee Tieche is working on a Quilt As You Go piece. Here are two photos of the work in progress. Hats off to Merrilee for working with triangles instead of the usual square or rectangle blocks.

The last but not least is Sally Robinson's Oriole, created from one of her photographs. Sally is our newest member, a photographer/emerging art quilter.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cathy Jeffery

Cathy Jeffery has been a member of Uncommon Threads since we started 11 years ago. She says she enjoys working with strips of fabric in an abstract manner. "It's all about the colors side by side and manipulating the shapes. In addition to exhibiting in the group's exhibits she has shown at Waverly House Gallery in the juried shows.
A River Runs Through It

China Town

Cathy won the Mayor's choice award in Waverly's latest show, "Local Idenity." On this invitation to the exhibit, her piece is on the far left. It's title is:  Hodgson's Mill Bridge.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Vivian loves embellishment. She works with commercial and hand dyed cloth, thread, yarns, and beads to express her emotions in vibrant color and organic forms. Working intuitively, she manipulates the fabrics as thoughts come to her.