Friday, October 22, 2010

Retreat at Creek's End

Seven members of Uncommon Threads took off for our annual retreat on October 15.  Emmie, Donna, Diane, Dianna and Merrilee are pictured here, with Cathy taking the picture and Susan on her way from the other direction.
Our destination was the beautiful Creek's End Retreat near Jasper, Arkansas.

We stopped for a great lunch at Neighbor's Mill Bakery and Cafe in Harrison, Arkansas, and took time out on the way to do a little shopping at Emma's Museum of Junk and other fine shops in Jasper, Arkansas.

We stopped at the Buffalo River to take in the amazing cliffs and gorgeous surroundings before proceeding on to our destination.

The drive to Creek's End was beautiful, though the fall foliage was not as colorful as we'd hoped due to the prolonged drought in Northern Arkansas.  Driving on the back roads was sometimes a challenge, but always lovely.

Creek's End was delightful!  Neat as a pin and plenty of room for everyone to spread out. The retreat was situated on the banks of the Little Buffalo River (which was mostly dry at the time), and we were eager to hike and explore the stream bed. A beautiful sheer cliff bordered one side of the stream.  This afforded everyone  a real "photo op"!

Saturday's time was spent as each person chose - sewing, knitting, catching up on quilting magazines, hiking, doing yoga, or just plain relaxing!

Each participant provided a meal for the group.  The food and wine was fabulous and most abundant!  Many of us (no names, please) ate too much  and even enjoyed the wine a little too much!

On the way home Sunday morning we made a stop at an overlook of the Buffalo River Valley, where one could see only wilderness from horizon to horizon.  Then on to enjoy the view and the little gift shop at Cliff House.  We had planned to lunch there, but everyone was just too full.

It goes without saying, "A Good Time Was Had By All!" and we look forward to visiting the lovely little "Fairy Cottage" again.

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