Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Peaceful Waters Challenge

Our challenge due for October was offered by Roberta Ranney. Inspiration was to come from a song composed by Bob Ranney in 1974 called Peaceful Waters.

There's a rhythm in the water flowing by
There's a rhythm in the wingbeats in the sky
Can't you feel it.  It's a thing called life
Peaceful waters flowing by

You can see it in the oaks against the sky
You can hear it in the whip-poor-will at night
You can feel it with the heron in its flight
Peaceful waters flowing by

You can see it when you close your eyes
But you can't see it when you close your mind
Don't you know we're so far behind
Peaceful waters flowing by

Peaceful waters flowing by
Deep green forest reaching up to the sky
Don't you know your soul can't die
Peaceful waters flowing by

                                               Vigilant Wader by Carol Bormann

                                                  Sac River by Dianna Callahan 

                                                Open Your Mind by Cathy Jeffery

                                               Autumn Waters by Lettie Blackburn

                                                Rain Forest by Lily Kerns

                                              Mountain Air by Donna Olson

                                                   Heron by Roberta Ranney

                                              Heron on the Water by Emmie Seaman

                                                      Imagine by Diane Steffen

                                                 Soaring by Maureen Ashlock

Peaceful Waters by Lucy Silliman

                                             Peaceful Waters by Merrilee Tieche


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