Sunday, February 26, 2012

Book Review of Artistic Photo Quilts
by Charlotte Zeibarth

Charlotte is wild about her computer!  More specifically, she is wild about what can be done with Adobe Photoshop Elements on her computer.  This is a precise, step by step, how-to book, though it is not project oriented.  Starting with tips on selecting a digital camera (not as expensive as you might think) to how it relates to your computer.  Being careful to make sure that someone without a lot of computer experience can follow her directions, she stresses learning to experiment with all your options for altering your original photos.  A warning is issued - it could become habit forming!

The first portion of the book is devoted to photography.  You will no longer be looking for beautiful composition in your pictures.  Subjects that offer texture and contrast take on new meaning.

Next Charlotte walks you through the namy ways to alter your photos.  At the end of each topic, there are exercises to help you practice.


The book ends with helpful ideas for applying all your newly learned photo transfer knowledge into making a beautifully finished quilt.

Each page is filled with vivid color photography. One can easily see the changes that take place as she walks you through the steps for altering your photo.

Artistic Photo Quilts is concise and well written.  Those wanting to do more than just photo transfer family portraits will be delighted.  However, I think even an experienced photo-transfer artist can gain some new knowledge. 

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing my book. I'm glad you like it. I have had responses from readers showing me a quilt they completed using some of my advice, and that is so very rewarding to an author-teacher.