Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Fling 12 x 12 Challenge

This is our last 12 x 12 challenge. Since only nine people participated it probably means that people have lost interest. Humpf! Oh well, these are fun and colorful. Frankly it's been a long, cold March and April here in Southwest Missouri and these look like we are more than ready for sunshine and warmth.

 Sunrise Sunset - Dianna Callahan

It's Tulip Time - Cathy Jeffery

 Daffodils In Spring - Donna Olson

 Spring Down the Rabbit Hole - Vivian Terbeek

Spring Green - Merrilee Tiesche

 Majestic Spring - Carol Bormann

 Poppy Time - Maureen Ashlock

 In Spring A Young Man's Fancy Turns To Love - Emmie Seaman

Can't Wait - Diane Steffen

1 comment:

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