Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dianna Callahan

We'll feature a few of our members for the next couple of posts. Meet Dianna Callahan, retired art instructor from Southwest Baptist University. Dianna excels in textile portraits and serendipitous or spontaneous fabric collages. She once demonstrated how she makes her collages and made it look so easy AND fun.

"Elvis" is in the current juried theme show "At The Movies" at Waverly House, Springfield, MO.
 He is one of a series of five rock star portraits which depict them singing to their audiences.  This is a mixed media work which starts with a Shiva oil stick painting on fabric, then has other fabrics appliqued around the face.

These two pieces, "Blossom Hill" and "Spring Beauties" are on consignment at Waverly House.  "Blossom Hill" is a contrived landscape while "Spring Beauties" is inspired by the Iris in my garden.  In addition to fabric, BoNash adhesive, misty fuse, foil and Angelina heat bonded fibers are used.

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  1. lisa maddux (danette's co-worker)November 29, 2013 at 3:03 PM

    i love your beautiful.