Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winter White Challenge

Our latest challenge was due at our March Meeting. The subject, selected by Diane Steffens, was "Winter White."

Here they are individually:
Emmie Seaman - Winter Oxymoron
After a 20" snow storm, this large pile of snow was pushed up in front of our local gas/convenience store named Hot Spot.
Diane Steffen - Tranquility
Dianna Callahan - Snowy Egret
Cathy Jeffery - Almost White
 Donna Olson - Winter White with Snowy Owl
 Kathy Kansier - Snow Angel
 Lettie Blackburn - Winter White With Shadows

Roberta Ranney - Juncos On A Winter White Day
 Sheryl Schleicher - Winter's Kiss
 Lucy Silliman - Iceberg
Lucy has been on a trip to the Antarctic

Maureen Ashlock - Winter White Snow Bright
Maureen has memories of living in Alaska

Carol Bormann - Nebraska Interpretation
Photograph of Carol's grandparents from a journal "Prairie Saga" by Wilma Heers Christiansen 
...."One winter there was so much snow that the wind created a snow drift between the house and the barn. It was as high as the garage roof and Dad had to tunnel his way to get to the stock and milk the cows.".....

Merrilee Tieche - Winter White, Summer Sands
Is it so small a thing To have enjoy'd the sun,
To have lived light in the spring, To have loved,
To have thought, to have done,
To have advanced true friends....

Lily Kern - Ice Storm Sunrise
 Carol Bormann - Dare To Be Different
Several people made more than one, but I chose this second one of Carol's to balance the group shot!

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