Wednesday, June 8, 2011

12 x 12 Notan

This June 12 x 12 theme was "Notan" chosen by Lucy Silliman.

And here they are individually:

Lettie Blackburn "Branch Shadows"

 Roberta Raney "Whirligig"

Dianna Callahan "Broken Trails"

Sheryl Schleicher " Quilted Mylar"

 Cathy Jeffery "Tango"

Lucy Silliman "Crab Walk"

Emmie Seaman "Midnight"

Merrilee Tiech "Tsunami"

Kathy Kansier "Angels"
Inspired by her twin Grand daughters Isabelle and Gabrielle

Carol Borman "Metamorphosis
The life cycles of the butterfly include changes in form and environment. This metamorphic "cycle" begins with the caterpillar resting on the lower "ledge." As each butterfly passes from the inner white square (birth) to the outer black border (end of life) the values transform to constrast with the new background.

Donna Olson "Petroglyphs"

Lily Kerns "Purs-agami" 
This functional purse was designed in Corel Draw using a Reverse Notan proess.It is one rectangle of fabric, folded stitched and embellished

Maureen Ashlock "It Takes Two"

Lucy Silliman "Snake In The Grass"

Diane Steffen "Wood Block"

The next theme, due in July, is a photograph of bittersweet chosen by Emmie Seaman. The design, colors, or name "bittersweet", may be used. Good Luck to all.

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  1. Wow, ladies, I am so impressed with your Notan pieces. I did a few at home with construction paper -- the lazy way. I have a fiber friend coming over next week and she wants to try the Notan method. I will show her the blog for sure. I guess we will be a group of two. Miss you all.