Thursday, October 4, 2012


Enduring a bad drought this summer, Dianna Callahan named our new 12 X 12 challenge theme, "Hot and Dry."
 There were only nine of us participating this time. Summer has been too busy for some. Perhaps they'll add more later.

106 In The Shade
Emmie Seaman
Much of my landscape died during the drought and trees in the forest lost their leaves. It was so hot and miserable outside, I felt like a prisoner in my own home. I should add a window with bars on it.
Carol Bormann
While traveling through northern Missouri, I saw dry and cracked fields with corn stalks short and withered. By contrast, the corn in Nebraska was green and lush due to the irrigation the farmers were using. I realized there could be "Hope" if the crops were nurtured. This custom machine-embroidered piece shows this hope with the small green plant emerging from the cracked earth. It symbolizes the "Hope" I feel with the progress that has been made with our economy in the past 3 years. The crop is not developed enough yet, but if it continues to be fed, it should keep growing and be bountiful.
 Buzzard Over a Dry Gulch
Dianna Callahan

 Extreme Drought
Cathy Jeffery

 Donna Olson

 Lucy Silliman

 Arid Crops
Diane Steffen
A flight over Missouri from California in August inspired this version of Hot and Dry.

 Only the Dragon Fly Was Happy
Vivian Terbeek
Because when it is this hot and this dry, only the Dragon Fly is out visiting the sun flowers.

Hot and Dried
Merrilee Tieche

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