Saturday, November 24, 2012

Transportation 12 x 12 Challenge

 Our latest challenge chosen by Carol Bormann and entitled "Transportation" was revealed at the last meeting.  In a personal manner, life has become challenging for several of the members and only nine participated but it was still fun to see everyone's creative innovations.

 Hazardous Ride
Cathy Jeffery
I was inspired by a tumble that I took on my great nephew's skateboard, thinking I could still ride it at the age of 62!

Donna Olson
I took this name from the movie "Avitar" where the form of transportation was gigantic winged creatures. I would just settle on a Crow. 

 Go Mama
Emmie Seaman
Babies in a backpack get a warm, cuddly, smooth ride.

 Bike Ride Across the Danube
Lucy Silliman
Lucy is a world traveler who rides out of the ordinary modes of transportation.

 U Turn
Diane Steffen
 California Freeway
Vivian Terbeek

 Gassing Up At Phillips 66 on Route 66
Carol Bormann
The 1957 Ford (my first "ride" in a Mid-Century Modern setting was machine embroidered using rayon thread on black polished cotton.

I Love New York Taxis
Merrilee Tieche
I visited the Eastern Seaboard from October 2 through October 14. Ten days later, Hurrican Sandy swept toward New York. I had planned to use busy New York City somehow in the representation of the Transportation theme of this little quilt, but seeing the photographs of the beautiful bright gold NYC taxis submerged in hurricane driven waters really focused that idea. This was my first trip to New York and I fell in love with the city, it's energy, and beauty.

After the Rain
Dianna Callahan

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